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With the brogued Captoe and medallion, our Oxford is the most versatile design for men who want to have formal office shoes as well as occasionally paired with casual clothes. Classic-S2 last is very roomy, suitable for those with wide width.


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Based on the Classic S2 last with a round toe and generous width, Oxford Captoe is designed specially to accommodate most of the customers in Asia with wide feet and low instep. Brogued Captoe with Medallion Design make this shoe very versatile for any occasion, from formal office wear to smart casual dressing, with jeans and daily clothes.

With high quality construction, Oxford Captoe – Last Classic S2 is definitely the choice for anyone who need a timeless pair of shoes. You cannot go wrong with something that has been extremely popular for 100 years already.

Upper: full-grain leather, chrome tanned, fully natural and extremely durable. Used by most of high quality brand in the world.

Lining: full-grain leather. Specially designed to provide best comfort.

Insole & Outsole: import 100% from Italy. Made with the same technique from almost 90 years ago, which can’t be found in any other place in the world. Signature of a high quality leather shoe.

Made by Goodyear Welting, the oldest, most labor intensive, and the most durable shoe construction available nowadays. With over 200 small steps, mostly by hand, ManGii Goodyear is a very good introduction to the world of premium menswear.
Characterized by double stitches, one hidden, the other is easy recognised by the stitch running around the welt. Goodyear Welt can last 10-20 years with proper care, and easily be resoled if the outsole wears out.


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