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giày nam đẹp
1. Which size and last is for me?
We have a automatic sizing system, where you can key in the main measurement, and our system will help you determine the closest size and last suitable for you.
2. What type of Construction that you use?

For Heritage Collection

Most of our Heritage Collection are made using Blake Stitch Construction. Giving the sleek design, Blake bring a fresh, stylist look to younger customers who need to be good appealing but still have a mature outlook.

3. How should I take care of my shoes?

We recommend these accessories in order to provide the best maintenance for your shoes:

_ Shoe Trees: to insert inside the shoes after every wear. It can help to prevent wrinkle, maintain the shoe condition and shape for years to come. A good wooden shoe tree will help to absorb moisture and provide some anti-bacteria effect.

_ Shoe Horn: best tool to preserve your shoes back counter and overall shape.

_ Cream and Wax: Cream is used for nourishing and moistening the leather. Wax is used for polishing effect, helping to reach a mirror shine.

_ Resoling: Most of ManGii shoes (with the exception of few special line) can be resole easily by professional cobbler anywhere. Bring it to your nearest trusted service and ask for them to be resoled.

1. How long will it take to get my ManGii pair(s)?

We carry stock for some popular design with RTW fitting. Most of our fittings are adjust to specific region, so they are very close to standard sizing in your place.

With customized shoes, we need about 15 days to make a new pair. For specific shipping time, our customer service will inform you directly by email or phone.

2. There are models that I want to buy but already sold out, how do I order them?

Each shoe is handmade in small batches. Our factories are carefully control the quality at the consistent level in order to make sure every pair produced is up to our high standard.

Please leave your email in our Subscription so we canl keep you updated via email regarding back orders and new product offerings.